The Conservative Fight of the Year Goes On

The Tea Party has lined up strongly in favor of Senator Ron Johnson in against Establishment- favorite Roy Blunt for in the race Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference. This race could be very close. Sen. Johnson has locked up the support from all of the conservative heroes in the Senate. Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, David Vitter, and Mike Lee are publicly supporting Johnson. Florida Senate hopeful Adam Hasner has followed Sen. Rubio in publicly supporting Sen. Johnson.House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has endorsed Senator Johnson, an unusual step for a House Member in a Senate Leadership election.Tea Party Patriots linked to my earlier post in support of Sen. Johnson on their facebook page.Freedomworks has launched an action alert supporting Sen. Johnson


“The position of Vice Chairman holds critical sway over the policies pursued by Senate Republicans and electing Senator Johnson is a HUGE opportunity for the Tea Party to build a stronger voice in the U.S. Senate.”

Brent Bozell’s For America has alerted their online activists to support Senator Johnson.

“Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is the clear choice for conservatives as he has been a commanding voice for conservatives within the Republican Party.”

The Madison Project endorsed Sen. Johnson with a strong statement from Drew Ryun.

“He is one of those great conservative Senators joining with Jim DeMint from South Carolina on a lot of important fights in the Senate, some in the public, some behind closed doors.

Citizens United issued a strong statement to their members:.

“Voters sent a clear message last year that they wanted to shake up Congress and not rely on the failed status quo,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Republican Senators would be heeding this message by putting freshman Senator Ron Johnson in a leadership position. Americans expect fresh ideas and new faces leading in Congress because the old guard has failed to lead when it matters the most. What the Senate needs most is real leadership and Ron Johnson is the Senator for the job. ”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called it an “outsider vs. insider race”. This means those of us on the outside need to step up and make our views known, or the insiders will win, as they usually do. Johnson is the first Tea Party Senator to run for Leadership, and if he wins it will give us a powerful voice in the room. Call your Republican Senators now 202-224-3121 and tell them to support Senator Johnson. If both of your Senators are Democrats, call Senators from other states.



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