Let's Not Persecute Gays, But Christians? Meh.

Rick Perry is getting all sorts of fire for his ad mentioning gays in the military and kids not being able to pray in school. The left and the libertarian leaning poseurs are all out in force attacking Perry and that ad with a “prove it.”Well . . .We all know about the report of the Obama Administration saying it will check to see what countries are doing on the gay rights front to make sure gays are not being persecuted. But at the same time the Obama Administration has decided to not reauthorize the bipartisan U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.The Commission investigates religious liberty issues around the world and informs the State Department about nations persecuting people because of religion, including Christians.In other words, we’re going to start checking up on how countries treat gays and lesbians, but Obama wants to shut down the Commission that investigates how countries treat citizens who believe in God.The President has until December 16, 2011, to reauthorize the Commission and thus far the Commission members say the President has no plans to reauthorize it.I guess Rick Perry gets another commercial out of this issue.



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