Herman Cain's Campaign Suspended

By suspending his campaign instead of quitting his campaign, Herman can still get federal matching funds in 2012.

But the campaign is over. Even had it continued, it was over.


I had thought and expected that Cain would continue until Iowa. He had enough money. Dropping out after losing in Iowa would have distracted from the present issues.

Dropping out now will be viewed by a great many as an admission against interests that Herman Cain did have a 13 year affair.

But let’s be real clear here. Herman Cain did not get wiped out by an affair or allegations of sexual harassment, frivolous or otherwise. He got wiped out because those allegations threw him off his game and then he kept stumbling through attacks on his 999 plan, his foreign policy issues, and his campaign staff generally beclowning themselves with allegations, retracted allegations, and retracted retractions of allegations, etc.

A lot of people will see this as a sign that amateurs cannot run for office. Perhaps. I actually see it more as another failure of the professional political class. I’ll have more thoughts on that later.

In any event, Cain is out. The size of the debates will suddenly become more manageable. Most of Cain’s support will go to Gingrich. Some will go back to Rick Perry. And soon Cain will be forgotten.

It is a sad ending for a good man.


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