Welcome to the Family, Cathy Taylor

As some of you know, RedState is owed by Eagle Publishing, Inc. One of our sister publications within the Eagle Publishing family is Human Events, Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper.Today Eagle Publishing, Inc. announced that Cathy Taylor is set to be the new print and digital editor of Human Events. From the press release:


Ms. Taylor has served as the Orange County Register’s Opinion and Commentary Editor since 1996. In addition, she has also been a member of the Register’s senior leadership and executive teams. Previously, Taylor had a distinguished career as a business reporter, columnist, and editor with the Register. She worked at the Los Angeles Business Journal before joining the Register. Ms. Taylor holds degrees in journalism and political science from USC where, as Editor of The Daily Trojan, she got an early start on her career in journalism. Noting the outside-Washington choice, Guerriero commented, “Ours are national publications. They aren’t written just for Capitol Hill staffers or political pundits. Our readers across America want conservative news and commentary on events both in and outside Washington. Of course we have many influential Capitol Hill readers, too—Human Events is read by leading congressmen, senators, and their staffers—but they read Human Events to stay in touch with genuine, unvarnished conservative sentiment from across the country.”


In a day and age when the Washington conservative movement has bunkered down inside the beltway with recirculated hands, young and old, filling various positions within the movement, I am personally really proud of Eagle Publishing, Inc. for going not just outside the beltway, but to the other coast, to find Cathy.Welcome aboard.


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