"An Incredible Moment in Politics." Mitt Romney Won't Go There.

Hey Rick Perry, if you weren’t trying to have fun with birtherism, this would probably be a much bigger media story today. Peter Hamby over at CNN referred to it as “an incredible moment in politics.”Mitt Romney refused to endorse John Kasich’s reforms in Ohio. This is a huge freaking deal. Playing it too safe is finally biting Romney in the rear end. He’s refused to call social security a ponzi scheme. He’s refused to offer bold economic reform plans. He’s refused to address significant changes in entitlement reforms. His whole campaign has centered around tapioca.And today, while at a call center where volunteers were calling people to support Governor Kasich’s reforms, Mitt Romney . . . well . . . here is Conn Carroll.


Campaigning in Ohio today, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stopped by a Republican Party phone-bank making calls in support of Gov. John Kasich’s government union reform referendum, but refused to endorse the actual referendum. CNN’s Peter Hamby called the scene an “incredible moment in politics.”

Here is Peter Hamby’s on the ground report.Typically, when a politician stands for nothing except his own election, he winds up not getting elected.UPDATE: Over at NRO, Katrina Trinko has this:

“Gov. Romney believes that the citizens of states should be able to make decisions about important matters of policy that affect their states on their own.”

Um . . . really? Guess that has changed since 2010 when he was out endorsing candidates. Oh, but those were candidates, this is policy. Back when he was Governor Massachusetts he opposed a ballot measure to eliminate the state income tax. Oh, but that was his state and he was Governor.So in fairness, he’s been pretty consistent ever since he refused to support the Bush tax cuts.But wait! What’s that you say? Romney is in Ohio supporting another ballot initiative? Well then I think we need to throw out three letters and a punctuation mark: W, T, and F, followed by a question mark and maybe an exclamation mark for good measure.



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