Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid by MaryBeth Hicks

IMG 0215I’ve started getting in so many books lately for review, I need to start being more diligent with them. So how about this — I’ll write a blurb on the book, give you a picture of the book with Lincoln, and drop you a link to Amazon?First up is one past due and that I have read cover to cover and promised to write about a month ago only to get bogged down with travel. It is MaryBeth Hick’s Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid.This one is a bit depressing at first, but then it pisses you and then finally activates something in your brain to fight back. Those are the good ones. Mary Beth delves into polling and studies showing just how well liberals have gotten at indoctrinating kids in school and in culture. It’s rather staggering actually.But she doesn’t leave it there. She actually gives some good tips on being proactively engaged to clear the brain rot in your kids’ heads and fight back. It was a quick read. The Publisher is Regnery (our sister company for disclosure purposes).You can buy the book here at Amazon.



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