Attacking Marco Rubio

The Washington Post has chosen to launch an attack on Marco Rubio because he may have gotten part of his parents’ life story wrong. They put the story on the front page of the Washington Post.


Barack Obama, trying to push health care reform, screwed up details about a central story he used to get his package through Congress. Likewise, Barack Obama claimed his uncle had freed Jews at Auschwitz. It did not happen unless Obama’s uncle was a member of the Red Army. The Soviets freed Jews at Auschwitz. Obama, in Selma, tried to tie his father’s life story to the Kennedy family, claiming his father came to America on a scholarship from the Kennedy family. He also claimed his father fought in World War II.

In 1988, Joe Biden was forced off the Presidential trail when it came out he had plagiarized a speech by British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock. He also got wrong the tragic events of his wife and daughter’s death.

All of these stories got media attention, but none have gotten as much attention as what the Washington Post gave to Marco Rubio. This shows just how much the left fears Marco Rubio.


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