Mitt Romney Bleeds. I Star in the Film

Mitt Romney has a new web ad out about Rick Perry. I star in it.
This is a necessary attack from Mitt Romney. Had he not pushed something out like this, the story would be that Mitt Romney got wounded last night. In several unscripted, unguarded moments he mentioned he failed to keep costs down in Massachusetts and was worried about illegals working for him because he was running for political office.Mitt Romney had to do this.What is interesting about the way it is done is that you’ll notice all the shots of CNN in the background. And pretty much all the footage is CNN footage. Why?Well because they want to give people the impression that Rick Perry flubbed last night’s debate and distract from Romney’s slip ups. The timeline on the comments in the video is grossly distorted.They certainly did not come from last night’s debate. I wasn’t even available to talk about last night’s debate due to a family matter. I think a good portion of both Gloria Borger’s and my comments came after the disastrous Fox News debate. They certainly did not come after last night’s debate. But that seems to be the impression Romney wants to give.Romney had to do this to distract from this being the first debate where he bled. But I think the story is going to be that Romney’s team spliced up and edited the footage to convey the impression that this was all about last night’s debate to push the narrative that Perry flubbed yet again.After all, Perry’s performance last night was good for him and Romney knows what’s going to happen if Perry rebounds. He cannot afford for that to happen. He knows, like we do, that he has never gotten above 25.0% in the Real Clear Politics polling average since November of 2010.


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