The Ides of March

So I wound up being home alone tonight. After filling in for Hannity and then doing my own radio show, I went out and had a beer and quesidilla and then decided to go see George Clooney’s new movie “Ides of March.”I like good political movies. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, made one of my favorites, “Journeys with George.” Then there is “The War Room” for political dramas.But I like political campaign movies too because they always start with the idealistic sap who winds up drunk, jaded, and sleeping with interns by the end. That’s pretty much how every campaign goes it seems.Oh, and let’s not forget the moral conundrum where typically, at the end of the movie, the protagonist becomes his own antagonist and sells out with all the foreshadowing of the veteran, cynical reporter.”Ides of March” might be the most predictable movie since the Titanic sank. Again.But it was still a good flick for political junkies.I can describe it to you in a nutshell (spoiler alert kind of).John Edwards and Barack Obama have a love child named George Clooney who runs for office on Barack Obama’s rhetoric and John Edwards’ morals against Hillary Clinton as a man, gets the intern pregnant, the idealistic staffer pays for the abortion, and then everyone ends up either dead or jaded — mostly all jaded.And the circle of political campaign life goes on circling the drain.I think the key take away is that George Clooney must feel totally screwed by Barack Obama — having bought into the hopey, changey rhetoric, even Hollywood now sees Barack Obama as just another damn dirty politician like the (you guessed it) veteran political reporter from the Times warned the idealistic staffer at the beginning of the movie said he would be.In fact, if you go watch the movie from the perspective that it is the movie of the year for liberals who realize Barack Obama is everything they thought he was not, it’s actually pretty damn schadenfreudolicious.The end.



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