You Perry Fans Really Want to Help Him? Get Him Better Videos

Today we’ve got a new video from the Rick Perry campaign folks. It hits Mitt Romney pretty hard for his environmental record. The message is sound. But the delivery… well… just watch it. I think the Perry campaign was right to snatch up Pawlenty’s video genius for their earlier video. I hope we see more soon from him. Perry’s gubernatorial campaign had good videos too as I recall. But whoever they’ve got doing these web videos now needs some help. Dude, it’s called Final Cut. It’s not that expensive.Nowadays the line between TV ads and web video is blurred. Every web video the campaigns put out that has any heft gets TV play on CNN and Fox. Videos get shared all day all over Facebook and Twitter. That means you need a higher level of quality when it comes to production values and editing. This is way too slow and plodding. There are Congressional campaigns that had better videos than this last year. The message is pretty good, but that definitely gets lost in the cheese factor. If Perry wants to have an impact on this, he’s got to put out better stuff.I get asked all the time by the supporters of various campaigns what they can do. For Perry? Improve his videos. Geez.




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