Morning Briefing for September 27, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For September 27, 2011

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1. Dear Republican Presidential Candidates

I realize I’m biased, but with the exception of the Tampa, FL CNN-Tea Party debate, I’ve been rather unimpressed with the debates. There are too many of you on the stage. There is not enough time to get into the substance of your answers. And you are all making it about each other instead of about Barack Obama.I happen to have a radio show on the largest talk radio station in the country, which is also connected to a large media group with television and radio outlets in lots of swing states — not to mention running this site, etc.So if any of you want to come down to Atlanta, I’m sure I can find us a stage, some TV cameras, get a web stream going, invite C-SPAN, and have an actual conversation. Let’s plan on an hour chat. We’ll not debate, but have a conversation. We’ll talk not just about your future plans and past record, but also your background.If you’re interested, let me know. We can get it done and provide Republican voters something more than “tell us specifically what your economic plan will be in one minute or less or you get the damn Google Chat beep.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Perry and Romney steady, Cain and Gingrich pass Paul

A couple of debates ago we looked at where the Republican Presidential primary stood nationally. Since then we’ve seen Mitt Romney surge, presumably as the anti-Rick Perry candidate.But will Perry himself tumble after widely criticized debate efforts? Let’s check the new CNN poll.The facts: 447 Republican registered voters, MoE 4.5. Mobile and landline telephone polling.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Fast & Furious update: BATFE *sold* modified AK-47s to Mexican narco-terrorists!

Fox News has the basic story, which goes as follows: an agent of the BATFE was ordered to go and buy six Draco semi-automatic pistols from gun shops. Those guns were then resold to “known illegal buyers:” i.e., people known to resell guns illegally. So far, this is not actually bad, because this would be how standard sting operations go… except that they didn’t arrest the buyers immediately. Which makes… sense, right, because Dracos are legal-to-own guns in the USA; so the BATFE would just have to keep a constant watch on the guns to make sure that they didn’t miss it when the bad guys tried to smuggle the guns out of the country – no, wait, it’s reported that ATF group supervisor David Voth ordered that there be no 24 hour surveillance. Well. Good thing that Agent John Dodson ignored that order and did a personal stakeout of the bad guys for six days, huh? Because he was there when they moved out with the guns! He was able to call in a request for an interdiction team!…Which was refused.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. EPA Calls Compliance with Own Law “Absurd or Impossible” and Requests 230k New Employees

You may have read my recent post reporting that the EPA will be responsible for over 1.4 million job losses over the next 7 years. In that environment, I suppose bureaucratic hires is the closest one can get to good jobs news when it comes to that big government dream agency known as the Environmental Protection Agency.”DailyCaller: The EPA is asking taxpayers to fund up to 230,000 new government workers to process all the extra paperwork, at an estimated cost of $21 billion. That cost does not include the economic impact of the regulations themselves.”‘Hiring the 230,000 full-time employees necessary to produce the 1.4 billion work hours required to address the actual increase in permitting functions would result in an increase in Title V administration costs of $21 billion per year,’ the EPA wrote in the court brief.”So while the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) as well as Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) rules are going to wreak havoc on places like Texas, destroy the coal industry, and ultimately force power bills to increase almost as quickly as energy sector jobs are shed, the United States government will be embarking on its own jobs initiative: 230,000 freshly minted pencil-pushing bureaucrats!As stated above, these new jobs would serve the purpose of enforcing all of the new regulations under the Clean Air Act which was created by the EPA in 2009. So why are courts involved? Because the EPA is deliberately violating the very Clean Air Act they are intending to enforce.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. President Obama Blames Texas Wildfires on Global Warming

The great green culprit is back, and this time it’s setting Texas on fire! At least that’s what President Obama wants you to believe.At a fundraiser in California Sunday (from which he apparently excluded the press), he seized the opportunity of one of the worst catastrophes in Texas history to score some political points. If George Bush didn’t care about black people, Barack Obama certainly seems to have his issues with Texans.Please click here for the rest of the post.




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