Have You People All Taken Gardasil Shots Recently?

I’m being inundated with angry emails that I have not linked to or championed the Zogby poll that OMG shows Herman Cain winning in a landslide!!!!!! OMG!!!!!It is as if millions of Republicans took the Gardasil shot and suddenly developed rapid onset of the mental retardation Michele Bachmann’s been warning about.The reason I have not cited and you should not cite the Zogby poll is because it is a Zogby Interactive poll which means it was done online.


IBOPE Zogby International conducted an online survey of 2,077 voters. A sampling of IBOPE Zogby International’s online panel, which is representative of the adult population of the U.S., was invited to participate.

This poll has more in common with the Gallup survey of “positive intensity” for candidates than it does who actually is winning. Phone surveys are far more accurate and reliable, whether it be Gallup, CNN, or Fox.I am glad so many people are excited about Herman Cain. I think Herman won the debate. I think there are a number of reasons he won the Florida Straw Poll beyond the easy analysis that it was “to send a message” to other candidates.But the Zogby Interactive Poll is like an online entertainment poll asking whether you’d rather be on “Team Edward”, “Team whoever that emo werewolf guy is”, or “Team venereal disease.” As long as I am editor of this site, our front page will not treat an online interactive poll as anything more than a novelty.



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