Can We Get A Do Over In Alabama 2?

pathetic |p?’THetik|


1 arousing pity, esp. through vulnerability or sadness: she looked so pathetic that I bent down to comfort her.

informal miserably inadequate: his test scores in Chemistry were pathetic.

2 archaic relating to the emotions.

3 political representing Lower Alabama and only scoring 58% on Heritage Action for America’s scorecard: Martha Roby is pathetic.


Back in 2010, we backed Rick Barber in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. At the time, I wrote

Martha Roby is unimpressive. She is typical of what we like to call the country club Republicans, but more accurately the status quo Republicans. She’ll bring home the bacon. She’ll vote the right way on most issues. But she’s not going to get her hands dirty fighting for freedom.

I have been proven right. In a solidly conservative district, Martha Roby scores a pathetic 58% on the Heritage Action scorecard. And yes, when you represent Lower Alabama and only score 58% on a conservative scorecard, you are definitionally pathetic.She has led on nothing conservatives care about and voted against conservatives on much that they do care about. She has carried water for the leadership, betrayed her conservative constituents, and failed to fight against the tide of creeping socialism in the country. But she’s got a pretty smile.If the tea party wants a do-over, AL-02 would be a good place to start.



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