Majority Think Jobs Plan is Crap: Weak and Indecisive and Now Even More Dead on Arrival

Mark Hemingway points out just how fast the White House caves these days.Yesterday morning, David Axelrod went on television and declared the GOP must pass the President’s jobs plan totally. All or nothing or something like that.By early mid-day, the White House began signaling it’d cut a deal with the GOP.By last night David Weprin got annihilated in NY-09.This morning, Bloomberg reports Americans think the plan is crap. 53% of Independents dislike the President’s jobs performance and a majority of Americans think the President’s jobs plan will not create jobs.It is time for the GOP to pitch a clear alternative of deregulation, tax reform, capital gains cuts, and corporate tax cuts.


By a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent, Americans doubt the package of tax cuts and spending proposals intended to jumpstart job creation that Obama submitted to Congress this week will bring down the 9.1 percent jobless rate. That sentiment undermines one of the core arguments the president is making on the job act’s behalf in a nationwide campaign to build public support.

Oh, by the way, the Congressional Budget Office, which the Democrats have in the past few weeks insisted we take as gospel about everything, says the President’s jobs plan will not bring unemployment below 9%.



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