South Carolina and the Campaign Trail

On Saturday, Sarah Palin went to Iowa to lament crony capitalism in both parties. Her aides said she was taking shots at Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. We don’t know for sure whether or not she was because Sarah Palin herself did not confirm it. History is full of times Palin aides said something only to find Palin herself contradicting the aides.Yesterday, Sarah Palin went to New Hampshire and said we shouldn’t be squabbling with each other on the same team.What do Jesus and Sarah Palin have in common? Only God knows the hour of their coming to save mankind. I give up and I’m tired of being teased.Yesterday, in South Carolina, Jim DeMint hosted a forum that should be the model for future Presidential debates. He allotted time for each candidate to appear on stage and answer questions from conservatives about things conservatives what to know about. My only quibble is that, while I have tremendous respect for Robert George, I think Professor George went too far into the weeds on topics he personally cares about and, while every other conservative cares about them, are not the focus of the year in politics. Otherwise, it was nice to have non-sound bite answers to non-sound bite questions.While all of this was happening, a shakeup happened at Michele Bachmann’s campaign. My friend Ed Rollins is stepping aside as the campaign manager and the deputy campaign manager is out too. Ed says he is too old for the day to day grind of a campaign and is worried about his health. This news comes as Bachmann tries to stop her slide in the polls.The guy everyone wanted to hear from in South Carolina, Rick Perry, was a no show. And we can now behold the disgusting rancor of a number of folks who cannot set their cheerleading for their own guy aside.In the past twenty-four hours more than 300 homes have been destroyed in Texas with an out of control wildfire surrounding the capital of the state. In the past year, land the size of Connecticut has been consumed by the wildfires. Tropical Storm Lee may not have sent Texas rain, but it sure sent some wind, desperately exacerbating the situation.The level of partisan pile on from Republicans that the Governor of the State of Texas would have to fly back to Texas to deal with a disaster is rather unbecoming of the supporters of the other candidates. But then, all the other candidates save Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul possess the word “former” before their title.It may be hard to believe, but Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry just won elections last year and have gainful employments unlike the other candidates. Sometimes they are both forced off the campaign trail to do their day jobs.According to sources who spoke to Byron York . . . well, it speaks for itself.


“It’s obvious that Rick Perry is skipping the DeMint forum because he knew he was going to be asked tough questions about his previous support for gay marriage in New York, as well as his policies in Texas in favor of illegal immigration,” says one representative of a rival camp. “He’s looking for a reason to not actually be compared to the other candidates,” says an official in another camp. “He was grasping for a reason not to show.”

Had Rick Perry stayed, these same sources would have lamented his lack of priorities to the State of Texas and wondered how we could ever elect a man who, like Obama, was too busy campaigning to govern. Some things should just not be political. Doing one’s job in the midsts of a natural disaster should be one of them.On Wednesday in California and then again next week in Florida we’ll see Romney and Perry on stage. Till then, the proper response should be praying for the people in Texas, not ridiculing their Governor for doing his job.


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