The Lightbulb Disinformation Conspiracy

God help us, but if there is one uniform criticism from all sides, it is typically that we here at RedState are not team players. And I wear that proudly as a badge of honor. I’m not willing to sacrifice my conservatism for the GOP or a particular candidate.Nonetheless, it occasional drives people crazy that even folks on our supposed side sometimes get rebuked on the front page. The latest outrage is Conservatives 4 Palin, which now seeks to excommunicate RedState from conservatism and the GOP or something like that.It’s actually hard to figure it out. Maybe if the post were longer, it’d make more sense. But this one line in the comments is a solid winner in my book it deserves to stand on its own:

Erik Erikson has always been a hack, and Red State is the best disinformation site for uninformed conservatives since the invention of the light bulb.

I never knew light bulbs were part of a campaign of website disinformation. Damn that Thomas Edison.