An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks Obama Should Not Go On Vacation

Dear People Who Think Obama Should Not Go On Vacation:Are you out of your ever living mind?!?!?!Have you not seen what destruction on our economy and morale this man has wrought for three years?!?!And you want him to go back to Washington, D.C.? Congress too? You are out of your mind.The correct answer is STAY ON VACATION ALL OF YOU. The stock market tends to do better when Congress is gone. The world tends to run fine when this President is on vacation. Our freedoms cannot be further encroached while Obama is in Martha’s Vineyard.Please, stop asking this man to come back to Washington where everything he touches tends to break down.When he comes back in September he says he will have a plan to create jobs. The last several plans he had to create jobs killed or destroyed more private sector jobs than even the most radical leftist could have hoped for. Please, please, please stop saying he needs to come back to Washington.Mr. President, you take as much vacation as you want. In fact, if you want to leave the country and go visit your relatives in Kenya or just go for a safari or go see your old stomping grounds in Indonesia or, heck, take the family to see penguins in Antarctica or even go to Bora Bora, I’d be glad to have you take say . . . the next twelve months off.And even better, I’m sure we can find some people to fund your vacation other than the American taxpayers who you’ve been using to fund your political campaign bus tour.