In Defense of Michele Bachmann

I am getting a lot of angst in my inbox already about Michele Bachmann. It is sooooo predictable as to be pathetic.Michele Bachmann is weighing down Rick Perry and therefore helping MItt Romney. So Bachmann should get out.Friends, it could be that Rick Perry is weighing down Michele Bachmann, so he should get it out.In fact, neither is true. Both have a right to be there. This line of argument is sometimes valid, but it is way early. Michele Bachmann just won a huge victory in the Iowa straw poll despite being out staffed and out spent.If you truly believe that Congresswoman Bachmann needs to now drop out because she is a spoiler, you are an idiot. It is that simple.Michele Bachmann continues to beat expectations and as someone who has followed her for a while, I am delighted for her and continue to pray for her. She may or may not win, but I hold her in very high regard either way.