A Singular Overlooked Advantage for the Perry Team

Let me give you some quick and dirty info about the Perry team that, in talking to a number of reporters in New Hampshire and Iowa, is being corroborated.Perry has a team in place that he has used for a number of years. While Governor Perry really did legitimately stand down after the November 2010 election and, until a few months ago, had no intention of running for President, his team never really did stand down.While many of the campaigns have been going for a while and are still struggling to get the look and feel of a Presidential campaign, Perry’s team has it already. One of the best examples is that the Perry team was able to get Governor and Mrs. Perry’s college roommates flown into Charleston and into the hotel ballroom without the Perry family ever knowing until they too arrived in the ballroom. They were completely surprised.Few teams could pull that off well, let alone pull it off without the candidate or press finding out about it.Additionally, the Perry team has been with him so long, there is no kicking the tires or vetting the candidate or getting to relative comfort levels.His first event, at RedState, and his second in New Hampshire were put on the acumen and professionalism of a general election candidate and it really does make a subconscious impact with both the press and spectators.The Perry campaign went from nothing to everything in a matter of weeks without skipping a beat because they have been with the candidate for so long.And the really striking thing is that Romney’s campaign never really stood down in 2008, but still does not seem to have the energy and polish the Perry campaign never really surrendered after winning re-election in 2010. These little things actually make big differences.



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