The Reality Check

At some point, whether during the TARP fight or . . . you name it . . . you come to the realization that there really aren’t a lot of friends left around you on the front lines fighting back at what is, for all intents and purposes, what is arguably the side you’re supposed to be on.At that moment, you must perform a reality check. Your mileage may vary. But here’s where I am this morning knowing Boehner’s plan is more likely than not going to pass.You’ve got to ask yourself what you’d do if you were a member of Congress. What would I do? Seriously ask that. Well, I would be a no. Republicans leaders have not really listened. They didn’t even make it hard for us with medicare or medicaid reforms. They’re increasing spending in some areas of the federal government while we know most of the cuts will never happen.This is all politics right now hiding this as anything other than a missed opportunity and perpetuating the current system. It’s not our fault we’re standing on principle. It’s their fault.In some bit of cosmic humor, I wonder if all this action in the House happening this week is part of a grand cosmic coincidence that it is happening the week of the anniversary of Pee-Wee Herman’s arrest in that theater.



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