The Politico's True Colors

The Politico has been losing more and more good writers of late and, correspondingly, has been more and more prone to run Democrat talking points in their articles.


It’s becoming more apparent why the Politico is showing its Democrat colors and becoming more Huffington Post like.

Let’s review:

John Harris is married to either the present or former head of NARAL in Virginia.

Jonathan Allen used to work for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

And now Andy Barr is leaving to go work for the Democratic Party. So, in other words, he can’t even hide behind the excuse that he has a personal relationship with person X. Noooo . . . he’s going to shill for the party.

Let’s just keep this in perspective then. The Politico is no different from other newspapers, but its staff seems to bounce a whole lot more freely between the paper and the Democratic Party.


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