Uniting to Oppose McConnell

I have joined FreedomWorks, American Majority Action, Let Freedom Ring, and the Club For Growth in drafting a letter to Republicans in Congress opposing the McConnell Plan. Of particular note, considering who all is on board this letter, is this paragraph:


We will refrain from backing any Member of Congress or candidate for federal office, or a leadership position in a Republican Caucus, who supports the McConnell—Reid—Pelosi “Cut, Run, and Hide” plan, to the extent that our various legal structures  and rules allow.

I hope other conservative organizations will pay attention to this and sign on. Mitch McConnell is advancing his plan not to save the country or solve the debt crisis, but to position himself, individually, to be Senate Majority Leader.The best way to stop McConnell’s Plan to kick the can down the road is to end his career prospects.You can read the whole letter here in PDF form.


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