Today, We Must Give Mitch McConnell His Due Credit

Today comes word that Mitch McConnell has signed on to the DeMint strategy of cutting, capping, and balancing the budget.

Legislation has been introduced by the Republicans and they are calling it CCB, for “cut, cap, and balance.”


With Moody’s statement yesterday that the nation’s credit is at stake and demanding a long term plan to deal with our debt, it seems McConnell’s own plan is off the table. It does nothing to deal with the debt to income ratio of the country and is a short term $2 trillion increase in debt with no real cuts.

So it is nice to see McConnell now signing on to the conservative plan. More striking, Eric Cantor and John Boehner have still not. In fact, conservatives in Congress are insisting that CCB be dealt with even before a Balanced Budget Amendment.

McConnell seems game to proceed on that front. Hopefully Boehner and Cantor will listen.

McConnell deserves our credit today for doing the right thing. I can only hope that he will, now signed on, aggressively push CCB and not be a supporter in name only.

Republicans have an easy battle cry thanks to Moody’s.

CCB=AAA rating.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the President still won’t show us what he actually wants to cut.


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