Jon Huntsman Calls Obama 'Remarkable' Before Plotting His Treachery

HuntsmanletterAs Jon Huntsman headed out the door to China in August of 2009, he sent Barack Obama a handwritten note. Included is the statement “You are a remarkable leader — and it has been a great honor getting to know you.”The rest of the story is that Huntsman went to China to serve as Barack Obama’s Ambassador to the Chicoms and, concurrent to that, decided to challenge Obama for his job.It speaks volumes about the man’s lack of character and naked ambition that he would choose to serve the President, cast that choice as the patriotic thing to do, then pooh-pooh any notion of disloyalty to the President of the United States when he began plotting against him.In Huntsman’s own words, he considered Obama a “remarkable leader”. What changed? And did Huntsman violate the Hatch Act? You can bet the media is going to give him a digital rectal exam trying to find out.



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