Stand with Heritage

The crisis we conservatives have been warning the country about for decades is upon us. It is happening in this generation . . . in this Congress . . . and the results could be catastrophic. Simply put, if we don’t get a handle on stopping the explosion of spending, debt, and the size of government NOW, we may never get another chance. The red ink will be too great, and America might never be the same.And the question I pose to you as a conservative in 2011 is this:What are you going to do about it?I know what I’m doing—Red State, my CNN gig, my talk show . . . and more.But one of the absolutely most important and strategically effective moves I’m making to avert disaster is supporting The Heritage Foundation . . . and asking gung-ho conservatives like you to support them with me.Will you?If you’re a Red State conservative who sees the spending and debt train-wreck coming—and realizes what it means—you’ve simply got to check out The Heritage Foundation’s new plan and get on board. I’ve recorded a short video that explains more and gives you a way to let Congress know you want them to cut out some specific spending outrages.Okay, I said I was going to cut to the chase and I have. Now follow my lead. Watch my video, and let’s meet this crisis with wisdom, courage, and strategic effectiveness.Let’s get rolling!



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