Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas

I said months ago that I was going to let the race between Michael Williams and Ted Cruz play out in Texas. They are both fine men and both are good conservatives.Today, FreedomWorks and Club For Growth both decided to endorse Ted Cruz. This afternoon, there are strong rumors that Michael Williams will instead run for one of the newly drawn House seats.I stand with FreedomWorks and Club For Growth. Ted Cruz is the conservative we need in the United States Senate. The Texas legislative session to even a casual observer gives pretty good reasons why David Dewhurst, the Lt. Governor, is not right for conservatives.Leppert, the Mayor of Dallas, has been a liberal until he decided to walk out of the gay pride parades and push away from the union tables to run as a conservative.Ted Cruz, meanwhile, has been fighting for freedom for a good while. He has a solid record as a conservative. He is the guy we should all get behind now and build a movement of conservatives ready to keep Texas not just Republican, but conservative. I am proud to stand with Ted.




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