Why Adam Hasner Remains The Conservative Choice for Florida

It has been the big issue for weeks on end. The media is demanding to know where Republicans stand on Paul Ryan‘s plan to save Medicare.

Just a few weeks ago, Adam Hasner, my pick for the Senate in Florida, came out swinging in favor of Paul Ryan’s plan — and he even made his pitch to senior citizens in Florida.


Compare him to Mike Haridopolos, the Florida Senate Majority Leader who is best known for getting paid to write a text book for a public college that was so lame the college never used it. He went on a radio show in Orlando and couldn’t answer the question. The host of the show threw him off the air.

Whether we wanted to fight this fight or not, we are now. And the GOP can either fight to win or fold. If they fold, they lose. This is just another reason why I’m with Adam Hasner. He’s not afraid of the fight.



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