Craig Becker is a Natural Fit in a Socialist Administration

Last night in the Luntz panel after the Fox debate, Luntz seemed taken aback that his panel of voters largely viewed the Obama Administration as socialist.Only effete intellectuals keen on nuancing socialism could disagree at this point. As socialism is commonly understood, i.e. spreading the wealth around through government intervention, Barack Obama is a socialist and his administration is a socialist administration.So it is no surprise that we are learning Craig Becker, a Presidential appointee to the National Labor Relations Board and a key player in screwing Boeing for moving the 787 assembly line to South Carolina, has a paper trail of socialist views going all the way back to college.The Daily Caller has uncovered some of Becker’s old law review articles in which he advocates the government controlling the flow of capital.In essence, as Fred Wszolek of the Workforce Fairness Institution told the Daily Caller, we have a member of Barack Obama’s NRLB “believes that the United States should somehow control or restrain the freedom of capital, or that the mobility of capital not being under ‘popular control’ is somehow a threat to Big Labor.”Make no mistake about it — the Obama Administration is a socialist administration and it is pushing to be an authoritarian administration as it passes executive order after executive order designed to punish its enemies and reward its friends with government contracts.



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