An Interesting Coincidence?

A week ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a big story about major hedge fund managers jumping to the GOP from Barack Obama. One of the big jumpers is Steve Cohen.


Business Insider notes

Cohen … has “previously been a big Democratic supporter, regularly giving the maximum allowable to Democratic legislators in his home state of Connecticut,” and spent $500,000 on Democrats in 2008.

But last year Cohen decided to “direct contributions to GOP campaign coffers and to pro-Republican groups that could raise and spend unlimited amounts.” He gave Republican Governors Association alone $1.5 million.

And Cohen was doing more than just giving cash; he also gave time. Remember that GOP mid-term strategy meeting he hosted last year?

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting federal prosecutors have suddenly decided to examine “trades made in an account overseen by hedge-fund titan Steven Cohen that were suggested by two of his former fund managers who have pleaded guilty to insider trading.”

I’m sure it is just a coincidence in timing.


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