Good Friday on the Radio #EERS

I do not work on Good Friday generally, except RedState, which is much more of a passion than a job.I made my mind up that, if given the opportunity to have a platform like a radio show, I’d carry over our RedState tradition on Good Friday of having something to fix the mind on what is really important.Here we use an old, beautiful piece of art and scripture. On the radio, I have something much more. It’s not a night for deep theology. But it is a night for big topics and why the world works the way it works.I highly, highly encourage you to listen to my radio show tonight on WSB Atlanta. In a lot of places you can get it on 750 AM. In metro Atlanta you can also get it on 95.5 FM. If you can’t hear it on the radio, you can hear it at can also call in tonight at 1-800-WSB-TALK.Consider this an open thread.



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