Are Lee Fang and Think Progress Intellectually Dishonest or Stupid?

It is no secret that Think Progress and its amateur muckraker Lee Fang are out to get Koch Industries by hook or by crook. But their latest bit of hackery begs the question of whether they are intellectually dishonest or just stupid.


Power Line has a bit on it and Mark Tapscott does too.

In short, the communist rag The Nation uncovered a flier sent out to Koch Industries employees with a list of candidates that Koch Industries thought would be good to have in office for Koch Industries’s business interests.

As Mark notes, the cover letter disclaims, “For most of you, we’ve also enclosed a listing of candidates supported by Koch companies and KOCHPAC, the political action committee for Koch companies. Of course, deciding who to vote for is a decision that is yours and yours alone, based on factors important to you.”

Think Progress and Lee Fang love them some unions. And what do unions do? Unions send out fliers encouraging union members to vote for union backed candidates. Hell, unions even get union members to go door to door for candidates and give union dues to candidates — something KOCHPAC cannot do with all employees, just executives.

Additionally, unions will often bus employees to the polls and have a poll monitor watch to make sure the union members have voted. Koch Industries does not do that.


But here’s where the real intellectual dishonesty or stupidity come in. Lee Fang and Think Progress support card check. They want unions to be able to stand over a business’s employees and find out whether or not the employee has signed a card to unionize and, if not, intimidate and cajole the employee until he does (not that Think Progress or Lee Fang are on record supporting that last bit).

Meanwhile, Koch Industries gives out a flier to employees and that’s it. Charles Koch does not hire minion to go stand in polling booths to make sure the employees vote the right way. That is, in effect, exactly what Think Progress and Lee Fang want unions to be able to do though.

Perhaps, to the posed question, I should embrace the healing power of “and.”


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