The President Will Offer Unicorns

Today at 1:00 p.m., President Barack Obama will address the nation to talk about balancing the budget.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told the White House Press Corp that Paul Ryan’s budget plan is a non-starter because the budget is not balanced. Carney failed to mention that Barack Obama’s budget does not balance either.


In fact, it is Paul Ryan who is necessitating Barack Obama’s speech. Obama set up his deficit commission and then, upon getting its recommendations, treated it as the red headed step child of the administration. It was neither seen nor heard. When Obama gave his State of the Union address he ignored the commission in its entirety.

Only after Paul Ryan came up with a detailed plan did Barack Obama have to respond. More the follower of the free world than leader of the free world, Obama will yet again follow someone else’s idea and explain how his is better.

What we know from the plan is that it will not be better. It will be more of the same backfilled with wishes, dreams, and unicorns. It will also include massive tax hikes and finally embrace the deficit commission while, no doubt, Obama works furiously behind the scenes to undermine it.

The top one percent of income earners in the nation earn only 19.6% of income in the nation, but pay 41% of the taxes in this country. The top 5% of income earners in the country pay 60% of all taxes in the country. How asking them to pay more is in any way fair or equal treatment is beyond me. But Obama will ask them. To Obama, all men should be treated equal except the successful.

Only a few weeks ago, Barack Obama praised the tax deal Republicans and Democrats entered into in December. Remember that deal? It extended the Bush tax cuts. Obama was perfectly happy to attribute that tax deal to job growth in this country.


But now Obama wants to demagogue the rich and demand scrapping the Bush tax cuts. What he is doing is not offering up a real plan — a plan that can be agreed to on Capitol Hill. He’s offering instead more class warfare.

In Barack Obama’s zeal to punish the successful, he will ignore that Americans of all incomes have less and less disposable income. He will ignore high gas prices. He will ignore inflation in food and basic commodities. He will instead demagogue.

And he will embrace plans made under compromise in Washington that leave Washington in charge. In fact, the compromises Obama will embrace are the same types of compromises that have gotten us to the verge of bankruptcy.

We can only hope the GOP fights. But given how their deal went last Friday, it is better to hope for the unicorns.


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