14 Georgia Republicans Join The Democrats In A Coup

As you wake up today, if you are in Georgia, you need to know that fourteen Georgia Republican state senators have stabbed their caucus in the back in the quest for more power.


Last year, after numerous screw ups, abuses, and incompetencies, Georgia Republican State Senators had enough and neutered Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. They stripped him of power other than to leave him as figurehead of the State Senate — his constitutional power.

Things have not worked out well for the State Senate in the new power arrangement, but there is wide agreement that it is better to have the present set up than to have Casey Cagle in charge.

Yesterday, Casey Cagle allied himself with the Democrats in the Georgia State Senate. Fourteen Republicans in the State Senate joined the Democrats in a coup against the present leadership.

If they are not stopped today, the Democrats will, with the help of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, get the upper hand in the final days of the General Assembly. This is not good.

Nine of the Republican turncoats are Jim Butterworth, Bill Hamerick, Frank Ginn, Steve Gooch, Butch Miller, Jeff Mullis, Jack Murphy, David Shafer, and Renne Untermann.

If you are in Georgia, go to http://action.redstate.com and call your Republican State Senator. Urge him to shut down this coup and oppose restoring Casey Cagle’s power.


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