American Orchestrated Air Strikes In Libya Kill Innocent Civilians

You and I both know that anytime you have a war, innocent civilians get killed.But Barack Obama told us this is not a war. This is just a kinetic military action.The whole reason we are in Libya is to stop innocent civilians from being killed. It is the raison d’être of Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Hillary Clinton. They wanted to stop a massacre.According to Vatican officials we have now killed 40 innocent civilians in Tripoli.


“The so-called humanitarian raids have killed dozens of civilian victims in some neighborhoods of Tripoli,” said Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli.”I have collected several witness accounts from reliable people. In particular, in the Buslim neighborhood, due to the bombardments, a civilian building collapsed, causing the death of 40 people,” he told Fides, the news agency of the Vatican missionary arm.

War is hell. I guess kinetic military action is too.”But,” you lefty hacks say, “these are unconfirmed reports. They are enemy propaganda.” So you are saying that Saddam’s Minister of Information was more truthful than the Gaddafi regime? Because you bought hook, line, and sinker all of his reports of innocent civilians killed.


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