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1. Be Sure What You Believe

I get asked all the time what tea party activists need to do to become more effective in the fight for freedom.Without hesitation, I say tea party activists need to be sure what they believe.What I mean is simple — it is one thing to have read the constitution and quite another to understand why the founding fathers did what they did and how.So I’m very pleased to be asked to help out with a free opportunity for you to be sure what you believe.On April 16, 2011, you can participate, from the comfort of your own home, in an online town hall with Congressman Mike Pence and Drs. Larry Arnn and Paul Moreno of Hillsdale College.The town hall starts on April 16, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. EDT. It is online and free for you. You’ll learn how our economic liberty has diminished and how we can get it back under the U.S. Constitution.You can watch all or part of it. But most importantly, you can make sure what you believe. You really have no excuse given how easy Hillsdale College is making it.For more information and to register for the event, go here.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Srebrenica Resurrected

Friday, after some weeks of shillyshallying, President Obama made the momentous decision to sort of do something halfway in response to the revolt against and attempted ouster of Muammar Qaddafi.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. What is America’s *Goal* in Libya?

As you may have heard, the U.S. is now at war in Libya, leading a coalition of a dozen or so countries (including some nebulous group of “Arab nations” of which only Qatar will allow itself to be publicly named) in offshore SEAD strikes and anti-aircraft patrols against a country whose sole resources are oil and terrorism. In this case, of course, there have been no presidential addresses to the nation explaining exactly what our rationale is for this action, and laying out our specific goals (contrast this to, to pick one example from the Iraq War run-up, President Bush’s statement to the nation explaining exactly why he was preparing to go to war there, and giving Saddam Hussein and his sons 72 hours to leave Iraq as a means of averting that war). In fact, the president isn’t even on this continent right now; he’s in Rio, and he’s canceled any opportunities the press may have had to ask him questions about anything, including Libya.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. This week is the first anniversary of Obamacare.

And the Democrats are going to – very entertainingly – try to put the best face on that particular electoral disaster that they possibly can: they have a week’s worth of events planned, apparently in the hope that the only thing wrong with their party’s messaging thus far was that they did not speak loudly enough, or slowly enough, or use small enough words, or any combination thereof. They also plan to “shine a spotlight on Republicans who have opposed the law at every turn” – which, the last time that I checked, included not only every Republican sitting in Congress now, but the net +6 Senators and +63 Representatives who were not in their current Congressional seats in March 2010. Put another way, Republicans do not so much worry that their opposition to Obamacare be highlighted as they demand that it be.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. AT&T to Buy T-Mobile, Union Targets $15 Million/yr in Dues Through Card Check

Sunday’s breaking business story is the announcement that unionized AT&T will be buying union-free T-Mobile for $39 billion. With 42,000 mostly union-free employees, German-owned T-Mobile has long been a target of the red-shirted Communications Workers of America. Now, as the mostly unionized AT&T Mobility has agreed to allow the CWA to unionize its employees without secret-ballot elections (via neutrality and card-check), the red-shirted union bosses are seeing the green that will likely come from T-Mobile’s employees.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Arianna Huffington’s Hilarious Hypocrisy: Union-Busting Like…a Capitalist Pig?!?

We probably won’t hear AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka comparing Arianna Huffington to Hitler; nor will we likely see Joey “BFD” Biden weigh in on the merits of collective bargaining in this case either. However, ever since Arianna Huffington convinced AOL to give her gobs of money ($315 million), a cushy new job, and some prestige for her rise to the top of the blogoshpere, she’s had a bit of a PR problem. You see, on top of getting her millions on the backs of the 900 AOL staffers losing their jobs, Huffington appears to be turning into one of those evil, greedy, capitalist pigs she so often hypocritically excoriates on her website.Now, an affiliate of the “Marxist Maulers” (the red-shirted union otherwise known as CWA) is calling on all of HuffPo’s bloggers to honor an “e-strike” until HuffPo bloggers get their fair share.Full disclosure from Erick: when Eagle Publishing, Inc. purchased RedState, the four owners (including me) set aside ten percent of the gross sales price to divvy up between the volunteer staff. Arianna? Not so much.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. Sodexo Slaps SEIU Cockroaches With RICO Suit

Imagine being at a dinner event and having your plate served with (plastic) cockroaches scattered over the food. Envision going to a hospital with a loved one only to be confronted with the hint that the hospital food is infested with bugs, flies, mold, and rat droppings. Pretty disgusting, right? Well, imagine how disgusting it is that these tacticss are due to a union’s efforts to unionize the “offending” company’s employees. At least, that’s the allegations being made by the French-owned company Sodexo.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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