Congressional Republicans Begin Planting Hit Jobs on Conservatives

First the House GOP required Democrats to get their three week continuing resolution passed — a continuing resolution that cuts less money than the interest on our national debt that will accumulate over the next three weeks.Then the House GOP started bad mouthing the conservatives who voted against their plan.Now the House GOP is launching a direct assault on . . . wait for it . . . conservatives. One reporter called me today. He is a long time acquaintance for a national newspaper. In shooting the breeze he dropped the names of leadership staffers pushing several of the hit jobs.Unfortunately, though he named some names I’d already guessed, I can’t share them. But he said so many phones are burning up with hit jobs being planted I can write what I wrote because it will be impossible to trace back to him.Then there is this from the Daily Caller.


One GOP aide unloaded on the conservatives, offering a more colorful view privately held by many other Republicans.“These people aren’t thinking clearly. Their logic doesn’t pan out. They have NO plan. What concessions were they going to get if it failed? They were going to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood?” the source said, “It was totally reactionary. These people got elected to lead. Instead they got jerked around by the political equivalent of music critics. If these people knew anything about governing, they’d be in Congress, not lobbing bombs from the cheap seats and sending out fundraising emails.”The aide offered contempt for Pence in particular. “Pence is running for governor, and has to get through a primary, so his position is about as genuine as a $10 Gucci hand bag on Sunset Boulevard.”

I’ll first point out that Eric Cantor is well known to wear Gucci loafers. Second, I will pass comment on the sexual orientation of whoever came up with the Gucci hand bag line. Third, I would like to ask exactly whose side these Republicans are on.See, I’m on the side of smaller government and more freedom. These House Republicans seem to be in favor of smaller government in the abstract, just not in the real world.They’re attacking Heritage Action for America, Club for Growth, Family Research Council, Mike Pence, and any other conservatives who dare to actually make them live up to their own Pledge to Nowhere. We conservatives have a plan. We just want the House Republicans we elected to find their testicles and run the ball down the field.By the way, the House aide said, “If these people knew anything about governing, they’d be in Congress.” Actually, (1) Mike Pence is in Congress, (2) Chris Choccola was in Congress, (3) Tony Perkins was in the Louisiana State Legislature, and (4) unlike the House Aide, I have actually run and won elected office as a conservative. So, the House aide throwing shots is the only one in the picture who has never been elected to anything!In fact, I think that makes this House aide akin to a prostitute — getting money from a congressman to perform cheap tricks. The rest of us are standing up for our convictions instead of selling out.



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