The Non-Conspiracy

“These people are not fools. They want a world where we all live in big cities and use the sun and wind to run our lives — a return to the 14th century with 21st century hygiene.”

It is not a conspiracy. Some of you think it is. It is not. A conspiracy is a secret plot by two or more people to do something harmful. What Barack Obama is doing is no conspiracy — it is not secret. Harmful, yes. Secret, no. In fact, the administration is pretty open about it.

I’m talking, of course, about high-speed rail. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama couldn’t care less about what is going on in the Middle East. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama is perfectly willing to let us descend into a Carter Era energy crisis. High-speed rail is the reason Barack Obama does not want us to “drill here, drill now.”

It’s not a conspiracy. The facts are everywhere. Jay Hakes, who was in charge of the Energy Information Administration under Bill Clinton, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, “There’s no way we can create a better future without the price of [fossil-fuel-based] energy going up.” Barack Obama’s own Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Think about this. When George Bush was President and gas prices climbed over $3.00 a gallon, what did the left do? They screamed for President Bush to withdraw oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They screamed that Congress should cut the gas tax.


The Left has not done that at all with Barack Obama in the White House.

It is easily attributable to partisanship, except I don’t believe it is. With George Bush, the left knew he would never go for electric cars and high-speed trains to nowhere. So they could capitalize on the politics of the situation.

With Barack Obama, the Left knows he will pursue their agenda. So there is no push to release oil reserves or lower gas taxes, which will be used to fund high-speed rail. No, instead the Left wants accelerated restrictions on drilling for oil and more rapid expansion of the government funded green energy sector.

High-speed rail, of course, is the central component in the “greening” of America. There is no justification for high-speed rail in America. Even the not-exactly-conservative Washington Post is willing to admit we lack two things needed for high-speed rail to work effectively in the United States: high gas prices and high population density.

Now the Left has set about resolving those two issues: implementing policies to raise gas prices and increase urban density.

Friends, Barack Obama is making sure this energy crisis largely of his own creation is not going to waste. He wants fundamental change.

To make it all seem viable, the Left needs two things to happen.

Gas prices must increase to around $5.00 a gallon. That is, at least, the much talked about figure where suddenly high-speed rail seems like a great alternative to flight and driving. But population density must also increase.


To get a higher population density you need to get people out of their cars. So raise gas prices and put them in battery powered cars. Then they can’t drive more than 40 miles without plugging in. It gives people incentive to move closer to their job. It increases population density.

These people are not fools. They want a world where we all live in big cities and use the sun and wind to run our lives — a return to the 14th century with 21st century hygiene. To get that to happen, gas prices must go up.

Barack Obama does not care about what is happening in the Middle East. He does not care about the cost to you to fill up your car with gas. Because the more you pay through Mid-East turmoil and inaccessible American oil deposits, the sooner his future of coal powered cars and high-speed trains can arrive.

This is an Obama created crisis he wants to make sure does not get wasted.


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