From Prostitution to Death Threats: Gordon Hintz Is One Classy Fella

UPDATED: We now have the audio from Charlie Sykes about Gordon Hintz, who appears to be trying to go from being your run of the mill john to a pimp. You can listen here.



Last week Democrat State Representative Gordon Hintz of Wisconsin received a municipal citation connected to prostitution.

#alttext#Hintz appears to be paying visits in one of those massage parlors that is just a front for prostitution, if not worse.

Rep. Hintz got dinged “for violating a city sexual misconduct ordiance” in Appleton, WI.

Now he is in the news again for telling a female Republican state representative that she is “f**king dead”

Hintz made the statement to State Representative Michelle Litjens for her vote on the Budget Repair Bill that would curtail union powers in the state.

In other words, a guy who has to hire prostitutes tells an attractive state assemblywoman he has no chance with that she is “f**king dead” for her vote on legislation.

I wonder if Gordon Hintz‘s union masters taught him how to be so classy.



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