Thor's Hammer + Releasing the Kraken

I have been moving this week and the site has descended into chaos in the comments.

There are multiple petitions by many of you, the diarists, readers, and commenters of this site, to disband the recommended diaries list because it is being gamed by a number of diarists at the expense of new and, frankly, quality non-conspiratorial material.


Being Scandinavian, let me introduce you to Thor’s Hammer, which I now am going to wield in an awesome manner.

A few accounts will cease to work at RedState effective in the next five minutes.

Likewise, being a fan of Greek mythology, you should know that I’m going to be away for the next 24 hours filling in for Neal Boortz and also going to a super secret meeting of the vast right wing conspiracy.

I have released the Kraken into the site. He will be returned to the watery pit from whence he came upon my return and not a minute before.

There have been a few spoiled apples in the bunch. They have harassed contributors, contributors’ employers, my employer, threatened to sue me and this site, etc. I have been super lenient. I have been patient. I have been tolerant. I have been kind.

That all ends today with no pity and little mercy.


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