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It’s 9:00 p.m. I encourage you to tune to WSB 750AM. If you can’t pick it up there, go to http://wsbradio.com. At the top of the show at 9:06 p.m. we’ll be going straight to Washington for coverage of “Kowtow to Chicoms 2011” including a reading of “Obama Hears a Hu” written by our own Caleb Howe.


You won’t want to miss that.

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Consider this an open thread.

Edit: text of the “poem” below the fold. – Caleb

This afternoon, Erick asked if anyone wanted to try to come up with a parody of Horton Hears A Who for his radio show tonight. Below is what I came up with. (Be kind, it was very short notice.)

Obama Hears A Hu
On the nineteenth of Jan, in the swampy press pool
In the heat of DC, stood a donkey and tool.
There was flashing from cameras and much other noise
For the donkey, exactly the noise he enjoys.

First they talked and they talked, and it was quite a scene
And informative truth was the world keen to glean.
“Let me,’ said the donkey, “be perfectly clear,”
And his grin crossed his face from his ear to his ear
He talked about partners, and cars and our debts
He spoke on our exports and even on threats.
“As we look to the future,” he began to conclude,
then for seven more minutes he cooed and he cooed.

The donkey, Obama, sort of mentioned Tibet
(but not very strongly, or China would fret.)
Then he joked about weather, and wrapped up his speech,
And he turned to the tool, for they each had a speech.
And who was the tool but a Hu, goodness me!
A Hu who rules China! Oh fiddle dee dee!


The Hu wasn’t zestful, but rather quite dull
And his speech, as for data, was practically null.
He said that Obama and he disagreed
(an obvious outcome I hope you’ll concede)
He said a few things about China, “It’s great!”
For reporters his words were a plate full of bait.

Then a time came for questions, up first: Human rights.
And the donkey, he answered, devoid of sound bytes.
The Hu, as a Hu will, ignored the whole thing
And looked for a question without as much sting.
In Beijing if you sting they may just wring your neck
But Americans, we tend to frown on Hu dreck.

They asked Hu again, about rights violations
Hu tried to escape it with verbal gyrations.
In the end much was asked, without many answers
The tool and the donkey, they’re both quite good dancers.


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