Outside Effort to Get Mike Pence to Run Gains Steam

An outside effort by conservative activists around the country is gaining steam. The effort, to get Mike Pence to run for President, is intriguing many old guard conservatives in Washington and activists around the country. The effort is being organized by a group calling itself the “America’s President Committee”. Former Congressman Jim Ryun of Kansas is lending his voice to the cause.With tea party sentiment running high and a preference for a new face instead of someone who lost the primary fight in 2008, Pence makes an intriguing choice for many.This morning a new website called www.theconservativechampion.org goes live as a way to get conservatives signed up and on the Pence bandwagon immediately.Congressman Pence is still weighing whether to run for President or Governor of Indiana. The path of least resistance seems to be Governor, but then many paths without resistance are simply lures away from the race intended. The Congressman is expected to decide later this month what he’ll do.



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