Congratulations Reince Priebus

He’s not the guy a lot of tea party activists wanted nationwide, but I’ve been inundated with calls from ardent defenders of his this past week from Wisconsin who say he was a significant player in the profound turn around up there.That so many have called this week to support him — people who are authentically and unquestionably grassroots — is encouraging.Congratulations to Reince Priebus, the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee.He has his work cut out for him on fundraising and rebuilding the 72 hour task force. It is time to let the healing begin and the fight for 2012 go forward.I wish Reince Priebus well, look forward to learning how to say his name, and am excited to work with him.At this time in 2009, Michael Steele and I attended a party where he shouted out, “Erick Erickson, how you like me now?” It’s time to move on.Welcome, Chairman Priebus. For you grassroots folks, you can feel reassured giving money to the RNC now.



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