Dear RedState Community

We have a problem.There needs to be a certain amount of flexibility within the rules of this site and I think that as written they are sufficiently clear. The problem is that there is a group of commenters that has come to believe that the rules don’t apply to them.There are long time readers of RedState who believe that somehow the community rules no longer apply to them. They think they can harass, gang up on, and call names to other users.But then we also have a new problem. Already, in January of 2011, and even before now, we have people coming to RedState in support of just one candidate attacking any person who dares to question their potential Presidential candidate.The comments in this site are for the community. That is why we require registration and a waiting period before you can comment. Let me not be subtle here: the rules of this site apply no matter how long you have been here and your account will be disabled for violating the rules of the site.If you are going to go around accusing your fellow posters of being bots, liars, mobies, trolls, etc. just because they disagree with you, prepare to have your own access disabled.It is just that simple and I hope I’ve made myself clear. I would hate to tell the contributors “happy hunting,” but it may just come to that if those of you intent on fighting don’t tone it down.




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