Dear House Republicans: This Will Be Unacceptable

I am receiving extremely credible information that Friday morning House Republicans may put Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.Let me be clear here: this would be an affront to conservatives of all stripes.It is bad enough the House GOP chose to ignore conservatives when it came time to choose chairmen of the Energy & Commerce Committee and of the Appropriations Committee.It is a slap in the face to add Leonard Lance to the Energy & Commerce Committee.Rep. Lance supports cap and trade.As troubling, Rep. Lance is pro-abortion. For those of you who are libertarian and could care less about Rep. Lance’s abortion position, consider this: Rep. Lance sided with the Pelosi led Democratic 111th Congress to fund Planned Parenthood. It is one thing to support killing kids. Quite another to go along with government funding for killing kids.For those of you who may question why abortion has anything to do with the Energy & Commerce Committee, it is very simple. It is the Energy & Commerce Committee that will oversee defunding of Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, etc. Conservatives already upset with the botched handling of House Republicans on the matter of just how much will be cut are going to be less than happy if House Republicans put Leonard Lance on the Energy & Commerce Committee.



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