Now Is The Time. Today Is The Day. Let's Have a Coup.

“In 2010 the tea party movement led outside the GOP. This year the tea party should take over the GOP.”

It is abundantly clear as we head toward finding a new chairman for the Republican National Committee that the committeemen of the RNC have grown out of touch with the Republican activists they rely on each year to give money, knock on doors, and vote.The race has broken down between two candidates who lean toward the grassroots, but have establishment bona fides — Anuzis and Wagner — and three candidates who are political technocrats of the establishment order.It is shocking to me, frankly, that Reince Priebus would have as much support as he does at this time and even more shocking that much of his support could go back to Steele.Plainly, the committeemen of the GOP have been untouched by the tea party movement and need a taste of what the House and Senate GOP suffered.And believe it or not, it is much, much easier to shake things up for the committeemen than the congressmen. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a tea party led coup of the GOP.Now is the time. Today is the day. Let’s not waste one minute.It is time to take over your precincts.Much has been written here and elsewhere by great people on how to do it. The basics are straightforward. And read everything Coldwarrior writes.Over the next few months, the GOP will begin selecting new officers at the municipal, county, and state level. Those people will then pick new committeemen for the RNC, etc.To get involved, you must call your local or state Republican Party and find out where your precinct meetings will be. They should be later this month or in February.You show up at your precinct meeting and, more often or not, you will be the only one there. Guess what? In most states that makes you the precinct captain for the GOP.You will then move on to your county party with a vote.If enough of your tea party activist friends do the same thing, guess what? You run your local party. And if the tea party members from enough other counties have done the same, you will control your state party.Then guess what? Those committeemen who are supporting the establishment candidates for RNC Chairman can get fired by you.Friends, in 2010 the tea party movement led outside the GOP. This year the tea party should take over the GOP. It is very easy. All you need to do is pick up the phone, find out where your precinct meeting will be, and show up with your friends. That begins the process of necessary change.



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