Georgia Democrats Descend Into Parody and Race Baiting

If you are a Republican, you wear white sheets and attend midnight meetings. That is if you believe Robert Brown.Brown is now, after the decimation of Democrats in Georgia, the highest ranking Democrat in the whole state. He serves as leader of the Democrats in the State Senate.On a local television program in Middle Georgia, Senator Brown was asked about a series of party switchers from Democrats to Republicans. Brown responded, “I mean, what does the wife do then, put on some red sheets on the bed and say ‘You know we can get rid of the blue sheets, but keep the white one over there because we might need that one for the midnight meeting.’”Robert Brown has a history of racially incendiary remarks, having in the past accused Republicans of “Willie Horton” politics and other supposed racist actions.It could be that Robert Brown is unfamiliar with what typically goes on between sheets, in which case we might forgive him. But whether he’s race baiting or just that dumb, it’s hard to mount a convincing case that he should actually be the highest ranked state level Democrat in Georgia.



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