Why Governors Matter: Nikki Haley Takes on Barack Obama

Nikki Haley is just so awesome.At a White House gathering for the new governors, Governor-Elect Haley confronted Mr. Obama and asked him to repeal Obamacare. Obama refused so Haley said she wanted an opt-out for South Carolina.She made sure the White House knew she was going to fight every step of the way on this.What is more awesome is that she demanded a refund to the state of money used to build the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility. South Carolina has a temporary facility that has been used and South Carolinians contributed a pile of money for Yucca Mountain to get the stuff out of South Carolina.Obama is refusing to open up Yucca Mountain so Haley publicly demanded a refund from the President.Governors matter and Nikki Haley is going to fight.



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