Senate GOP Sells Out National Security for Tax Cuts

Let’s be honest, there are many sexy issues in politics these day. The START Treaty is not one of them.No one other than Barack Obama and the Kremlin care about START.But we should. We should also care that the Senate GOP, thanks to the “skillful” negotiations of Jon Kyl (R-AZ), have decided to sell us down the river to Moscow in order to temporarily avoid the Obama tax increase.The sad part is that we could get the Bush tax cuts extended even without selling out our national security.Supporters of the START treaty say all of this is nonsense, but the fact is the START Treaty will largely wipe out any ability to have a missile defense system in place. True, it doesn’t actually prohibit one, but it drives up the costs so significantly as to make it impossible.Barack Obama and the Democrats keep telling us Ronald Reagan would have signed this treaty. That is hogwash.The treaty returns the United States and Russia to that dreamy time when your effeminate poindexter of a Jimmy Carter voting high school history teacher soiled his shorts gleefully explaining how “mutually assured destruction” was such a genius deterrent to nuclear war. After all, if the Russians can kill us and we can kill them, neither side will kill the other.Except Pakistan, India, and a host of other countries now have nuclear weapons and Barack Obama, Jon Kyl, etc. are still playing on the pre-1990 world stage. Only a gaggle of pathological Washingtonians wishing to bask in the adoration of a Beltway Press Corp in search of bipartisanship, damn the issue, would dredge up a nuclear treaty with a country barely able to hold itself together as a country in remembrance of the grand old days of the Cold War. That the GOP would do it for a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts is all the more appalling.Oh, and about the much touted verification process — it isn’t concrete, it is full of loopholes, and is easily undermined by the Russians. Why the hell we want a country our State Department thinks is largely run by the Russian mob being able to dictate our future national security is beyond me.But hey — they are the successors to the Commies and we know the Democrats love them some communists. Too bad Jon Kyl — he’s a brilliant strategist by the way, just ask him — is going along with it.



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