Just Say No to Louie Gohmert's Write-In Bid

The Republican Study Committee is the group in the House of Representatives that makes up the real conservatives among the Republicans. The body frequently pushes back on squishy Republican ideas and, over the years, has come up with some pretty bold and unapologetically conservative policy ideas. (One side note — it needs to stop letting in every person with an “R” next to their name, giving the squishes cover)The Republican Study Committee has been chaired by Mike Pence of Indiana, Jeb Hensarling of Texas, and is presently chaired by Dr. Tom Price of Georgia. Next up should be Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, but Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has decided to launch a write-in bid.I like Louie Gohmert, but between he and Jim Jordan, I trust Jim Jordan to be a fully competent conservative trench fighter who will never go off the reservation about terror babies in embarrassing fashion — let alone be asked about it.Rep. Gohmert, in trying to discredit Jim Jordan’s qualifications points out that Jordan, like Speaker to be John Boehner, is from Ohio and would therefore be “a wingman” for John Boehner.First, I’d like to point out that Rush Limbaugh’s opening song is “My City Was Gone” and is about Ohio, so let’s not think Ohio has some sort of problem other than that kooky guy in the Senate from Ohio with the crazy hair . . . Sherrod whatshisname.Second, I would like to point out that when Jim Jordan first ran for office, his opponent was endorsed by and helped by a guy named John Boehner. Yeah, that John Boehner.Wingman? I think not.I like Rep. Gohmert tremendously. But I think Rep. Jim Jordan has earned the position, will be a tremendous conservative fighter, and, I hate to say it, will keep the focus on policy and not moo goo dog pan (a great line, by the way) and terror babies.



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