Thoughts on the TSA — Opt Out Tomorrow

As many of us go through the grand experience of the TSA prostate exams — no doubt a part of healthcare cost savings under Obamacare — we need to consider a few things.When terrorists started trying to bring liquid explosives on planes, we went to 3 oz. bottles.When terrorists started wearing bombs as underwear, we went to full body screening.What happens when terrorists start using their body cavities? God help us.In each of these instances, the threats occurred overseas. No one overseas is going through the motions that we are going through here. No one.Why us?And if this is designed to stop terrorists from blowing up airplanes, why stop there? Why not trains? Why not buses?No one can land a plane in midtown New York. Airports in almost every major city are on the outskirts of the cities. But one can put a bomb in a duffle bag and take Acela Express straight into Union Station in Washington or midtown Manhattan. But those bags are not inspected.What the TSA is doing now makes no sense. It makes no sense to target a three year old or a nun or a frequent flier. Made worse, we now know for certain that if the terrorists take their plastic explosives and stick them to their body in a pancake shape the full body scanners cannot detect them. We have dumb downed airport security to the lowest common denominator. In doing so, we have some great airport security theater, but not much else.And come tomorrow, we will see the full insanity that is our security system at work. I urge each and every one of you to opt-out of the full body x-rays and take the pat down. Highlight the absurdity.




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